Zelonites were a humanoid species and members of the United Federation of Planets during the late 23rd century. Zelonites were distinguished in appearance by their blue skin and tall stature. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

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The name for this species was never mentioned on screen, but is derived from three background sources:

  1. The call sheets for the scenes in Star Trek VI list the two individuals as Zelonites.
  2. One of the actors, James Mapes, lists this part as a Zelonite on his resume, [1]
  3. It's A Wrap! sale and auction sold parts of the costumes on eBay and gave continuity photographs during the production as the source for this name. [2]

It was later stated in the film's special edition DVD that these are "Andorians" who forgot their antennae or white hair.