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Zero Sum Game is a Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel – the first novel in the series – written by David Mack. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in October 2010.

The novel features the crew of the USS Aventine (β) and explores the culture and society of the Breen.


From the book jacket
A spy for the Typhon Pact – a new political rival of the Federation – steals the plans for Starfleet's newest technological advance: the slipstream drive. To stop the Typhon Pact from unlocking the drive's secrets, Starfleet Intelligence recruits a pair of genetically enhanced agents: Dr. Julian Bashir, of station Deep Space 9, and Sarina Douglas, a woman whose talents Bashir helped bring to fruition, and whom Bashir thinks of as his long-lost true love.
Bashir and Douglas are sent to infiltrate the mysterious species known as the Breen, find the hidden slipstream project, and destroy it. Meanwhile, light-years away, Captain Ezri Dax and her crew on the USS Aventine play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a Typhon Pact fleet that stands between them and the safe retrieval of Bashir and Douglas from hostile territory.

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Julian Bashir
Ezri Dax
Elias Vaughn
Sarina Douglas
Ro Laren
Alynna Nechayev
Leonard James Akaar
Simon Tarses

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