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Narek guiding Soji through the path of Zhal Makh

Zhal Makh was a traditional form of meditation practiced by the Romulans. It was considered taboo to non-Romulans.

Zhal Makh took place in a sealed room with a winding path painted on wooden floor panels, illuminated by lanterns. The participant walked barefoot along the path, with the goal being to journey into the center of the mind's most intimate space and uncover the deepest truths. The key to Zhal Makh was realizing that one was in control of exploring their own mind.

Each segment of the path had a different name:

  • The first segment was yut makh ("the closing"), because the path of the Zhal Makh was "a journey that always begins with the closing of the eyes"
  • The second segment was lu shiar ("lifting the eyes")
  • The third segment was qlam wath ("the unfolding")
  • The fourth segment was vri glam ("the center")
  • The fifth segment was rok khan.

In 2399, Narek guided Soji Asha through Zhal Makh aboard the Artifact as part of his plan to learn the location of her true homeworld. (PIC: "The Impossible Box", "Nepenthe")