Zho'Kaan was an Arkonian pilot who was stranded on an alien moon with Commander Trip Tucker in 2152.

Zho'Kaan fired on Tucker's shuttlepod while it was on a test mission, causing it to crash on the moon. Zho'Kaan's ship was also damaged and landed on the moon as well. While Zho'Kaan was on the moon's surface, his language couldn't be fully understood by Tucker, as he didn't have a universal translator with him. Although Tucker attempted to repair a transceiver from the shuttlepod in order to contact Enterprise NX-01, Zho'Kaan attacked him and stole the transceiver in order to contact his own ship. Zho'Kaan captured Tucker and demanded that he fix the transceiver, but Tucker escaped and managed to capture Zho'Kaan. After this battle, Zho'Kaan and Tucker realized that to survive the hostile environment, they must work together. Zho'Kaan healed Tucker's wounds by spraying him with a type of fluid from Zho'Kaan's own mouth. Together, they took the transceiver to higher ground to contact their ships.

During the trip, Zho'Kaan became dehydrated and consequently began suffering from acute cellular degradation; this cellular breakdown made him unable to be transported. Tucker refused to return to Enterprise without Zho'Kaan, and a modified Arkonian shuttle was sent to rescue both of them. Once they could be fully understood by each other, Zho'Kaan let Tucker know he was grateful not to have killed him and his commanding officer promised that if Zho'Kaan had fired unprovoked, he would be punished for his actions. (ENT: "Dawn")

Zho'Kaan was played by Gregg Henry.
Regarding the decision to have Zho'Kaan speak almost entirely in an alien language, Star Trek: Enterprise co-creator and Executive Producer Brannon Braga explained, "We really liked the idea of not having the alien speak any English. It was an added challenge and something we never fully did on the other [Star Trek] series." (Star Trek: Communicator issue 145, p. 27)
In a scene description from the final draft script of "Dawn", Zho'Kaan was described as wearing "what appears to be a flight suit." As evidenced by the same script, Tucker was to have commented on the clothing in some ultimately omitted subsequent dialogue, referring to it as "some kind of uniform… looks military." Zho'Kaan himself was referred to in the script as "a fighter pilot in the Arkonian military" and was said to be younger than his commanding officer, Khata'n Zshaar.
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