"To answer your first question, I regret I cannot offer free samples."
– Zjod, 2153 ("Rajiin")

Zjod was a merchant who owned a shop in the market on a floating bazaar on the Xanthan planet during the mid-22nd century. Zjod was in the business of selling female slaves. He followed a business model that welcomed referrals, and did not offer free samples. He also believed that he wouldn't stay in business very long if he revealed confidential information about his clients.

In September of 2153, some Xindi-Reptilians purchased his last two U'tani serpent women. They left with Zjod a slave named Rajiin, setting up events so that when Enterprise NX-01 arrived two days later, Rajiin would leave with the Enterprise crew. The V'radian chemist B'Rat Ud, in turn, informed Enterprise NX-01 Captain Jonathan Archer of the Xindi's dealings with Zjod, and Archer negotiated to learn whereabouts of the merchant, through a gesture of good faith on the part of B'Rat.

When Archer and Malcolm Reed arrived, Zjod recalled the Xindi in question, referring to them as "excellent customers"; however, he regretted that he could not offer Archer the same type of merchandise then received. He instead attempted to interest Archer in a Nuvian concubine, noting that "she's quite skilled." Archer declined, and as he was about to leave, he noticed Rajiin, leading Zjod to remark to Archer, "you have an excellent eye, my friend. She can be very accommodating." Archer again declined, Zjod pressed on, but he and Reed leave the establishment.

As Zjod's plan for their acquisition of Rajiin failed, a staged an escape ensued. Rajiin ran to Archer, begging him to take her. Zjod then observed that "she seems determined to be sold today," before offering them to return to his shop so that they could arrange for payment. Archer declined for a final time, before Zjod requested the return of this merchandise. Archer sees that Rajiin doesn't want to return, and chooses to facilitate her escape. Following a brief struggle, Archer and Reed depart with Rajiin. (ENT: "Rajiin")

Zjod was played by actor Steve Larson.
In the final draft script of "Rajiin", Zjod was described as "a burly, oily alien trader".
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