Zlangco was the leader of the Nol-Ennis faction, which was destined to forever live and fight their mortal enemies, the Ennis, on a penal colony moon in the Gamma Quadrant. Zlangco, like all of his people and also their enemies, was infected with a breed of artificial microbes designed to keep him permanently alive, fighting forever. It was the Nol-Ennis and Ennis' punishment for breaking peace and warring against each other. The long standing war came to a truce in 2369 when Kai Opaka of Bajor was stranded on that moon. (DS9: "Battle Lines")

Zlangco was played by actor Paul Collins.
According to the script, his name was pronounced as "ZLANG-koe". [1]
In his article at, the image used is that of Golin Shel-la.

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