Zobral's species were a warp-capable species native to a planet in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. Though Human-looking, they could be recognized by their tattoos on the chin, arms and belly.

Though this species is unnamed on screen, the final draft script of ENT: "Desert Crossing" commonly referred to them as "desert-dwellers".


Tattoo variations in Zobral's encampment

Chest and arm tattoos

For centuries, this species had a caste system, under which the Torothan clan controlled the government, lands, the resources, and everything else. Others were forced to wear Yrotts to symbolize their standing apart. Some years before the 2150s, an accord was reached under which the caste system was abolished. While initially there was celebration, nothing changed in practice. Zobral and his people fought for equality through protests and appealing to the courts for ten years, but ultimately moved to terrorism. According to one Torothan official, Zobral and his terrorists were responsible for attacking numerous civilian targets in a city about 200 kilometers from Zobral's encampment.

Given that it took Zobral several years to learn to evade the orbital detection grid, the terrorist actions might have been ongoing for some time. However, Zobral personally remembered the abolishing of the caste system.
Zobral's group appeared to be exclusively male.

By 2152, the terrorists claimed to have hundreds of desert camps. However, the Torathans had ten times as much soldiers and the terrorists were losing. Terrorist camps were strafed and bombarded by Torothan cruisers every night. Zobral believed that their strategy was not working, and that they would not last much longer.

Desperate, Zobral reached out to Enterprise captain Jonathan Archer, of whom's sense of justice and tactical prowess he had heard impressive stories, in reality an exaggerated version of what happened at Tandaran Detention Complex 26. Zobral personally brought Archer to his world under the pretense of asking for help with his ship and then inviting Archer for a meal as thanks. Archer and Tucker accepted the offer, becoming involved in the conflict when their shuttle was detected flying to Zobral's encampment, and the camp was subsequently bombed. Ultimately, while Zobral, Archer and Tucker survived, Enterprise left the world without anything having changed.


Technologically, Torothan forces were capable of jamming transmissions and deploying an orbital dispersion field jamming sensor scans of the surface in half a continent below a hundred kilometers. They had an orbital Detection grid which was capable of detecting ships entering or leaving the atmosphere. However, there were gaps in the grid. Enterprise represented an arsenal of powerful weapons in the eyes of Zobral.


Local foods included blood soup, Roast teracaq and Yalasat. A popular sport was Geskana. Zobral's group kept goats. The planet had a court system. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")


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