Zor Kahn was a planetary leader of the planet Sarpeidon, known in their library as "Zor Kahn the Tyrant". He was also known for having an inventive mind.

Zor Kahn banished Zarabeth into a barren ice age five thousand years in her planet's past after two of her family members conspired to kill him.

In 2269, information about Zor Kahn was stored in history tapes on file at the library which was then under the care of Mr. Atoz. Spock briefly viewed a history tape mentioning Zor Kahn before discussing with Mr. Atoz the workings of the Atavachron. (TOS: "All Our Yesterdays")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
Little is spoken of Zor Kahn in "All Our Yesterdays" except the brief mention that Zarabeth shares with Spock. It is also unknown when exactly Zor Kahn ruled on Sarpeidon or how long ago he had banished Zarabeth from the time the Enterprise landing party arrived on the planet (given the nature of time travel, this could have been anywhere from a few days, weeks, or even centuries). In the episode's script, Spock tells Zarabeth that Zor Kahn has been "deposed and executed more than a hundred years before we arrived at the library", but this line was cut from the episode itself. [1]
Zor Kahn was named "Zor-Khan" in the "Who's Who in Star Trek 1" comic.

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