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An Excalbian in the image of Zora

Zora was a notoriously evil figure out of history "who experimented with the body chemistry of subject tribes on Tiburon."

In 2269, an image of Zora was created by the Excalbians in a plot devised to better understand the concepts of good and evil, with Zora, Genghis Khan, Phillip Green and Kahless the Unforgettable who were, according to Montgomery Scott, "the worst ones in history" representing "evil". (TOS: "The Savage Curtain")


Background information[]

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

The Excalbian posing as Zora was played by stunt actress Carol Daniels Dement.


According to the novel Unspoken Truth, Zora was a provincial governor on Tiburon. There were some who tried to claim that she wasn't even a Tiburonian, that she came from offworld, but no one really knew.

The Starfleet Operations Manual implies that Zora was a member of the Ucali, a species that conquered Tiburon 1,400 years ago. Modern Tiburonese are described as hybrids of the native Tiburonese and their Ucali conquerors.

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